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Newquay Beach Guide

Newquay is renowned for its vibrant surfing scene and is home to some of the best beaches in Europe.

There are several inviting beaches, all within four miles of the town centre, most in easy walking distance. They vary from small secluded coves, through family beaches with all amenities and backed by sheer cliffs, to endless, wide expanses of golden sand.

Magnificent views of this long, dramatic stretch of Cornish coastline can be enjoyed from many vantage points on top of the impressive cliffs or rocky headlands, battered by the Atlantic waves. Some info for surfers is included in this section.

Photography Warning

If you're taking photos of your friends and family, be careful who is in the background. You may sometimes be accosted by people, claiming you have taken pictures of their children, or any other children. Beware, this may be an attempt at blackmail, a problem sometimes seen on British beaches. If you feel threatened in any way, inform the police or lifeguards.

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